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"I am also curious if Angel being haunted by parts of Giles' soul is going to play a role in the outcome? It would be a terrible waste of plot if Giles' personality is not going to surface at least a little in the next issue."

It would be a master stroke. Review the entrance at effect Giles's, and hear again his voice (through the voice of Angel) that says "I'd like to test that theory" would be really great.
And, for the record, every time I see "Two to Go" assoccio immediately Giles to Angel, as well similar to his triumphal entry into the "End of Days"

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Yes, these scenes are my all time favorites as well. And it will be an awful waste of opportunity not to let Giles manifest in Angel at the pinpoint of Willow going dark again. But they wasted Drusilla vs Faith encounter completely , going for gratuitous sexiness and rivers of tears instead of meaningful exchange on Angelus/Angel's role on their lives, so I won't be surprised if this moment is wasted. Hope for the better though.

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