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Your review isn't much later than mine. :)

Good catch on the possible reason why Marrak might not want Willow to cast a 'cleansing' spell on him. However, I had a different take on how Willow killed the Hyberrax.

It wasn't that it swallowed Marrak while Willow was still casting her spell - rather, Willow cast the spell on Marrak. It protected him from being harmed by the creature, then 4 seconds later made him explode it from the inside out. Willow had to do it that way because, as we saw, the monster's armour was impervious to damage from the outside - so in effect, she tricked it into swallowing a bomb.

That's why Marrak complains about her using him as "bait".

LOL - “a kurdl is hunted from the inside” . I am not sure if you ever heard of/read Stanislaw Lem. He is probably the best sci fi writer from the former Socialist block - Polish in origin, and extremely popular in Russia. Quite a few of his books were translated in English (does Solaris ring the bell ?) The quote is from his 'Tales of Pirx the Pilot', and indeed the story mentions a heavily armored alien beast that has to be bombed from inside - but first the hunter lets himself be swallowed. In any case - I agree with your interpretation of how Willow hunted the Hybberax :), maybe I should have went into more detail on the wiki myself.

I am still entertaining the idea that Marrak might be Rack disguised/mutated as beast man - but it is a wild shot.

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I've heard of him, I've even heard of the books you mentioned, but I've not read them.

I don't actually think Marrak is anyone we've met before - not only does Scott Allie deny it but it seems kind of, I don't know, cheesy? We already did the disguised-person plot last season with Angel|Twilight, and look how well that one went over with fandom...

I honestly don't think Joss will ever bother to change his plot/s based on fandom preferences. Look at what happened with abortion storyline. And despite of all the promises to leave S8 behind the comics are plowing straight ahead with Fray storyline. One thing I forgot to mention by the way, was that the Scythe looks very new - and very red indeed. The same quality red as in early Fray comics - and the contrast is deliberate because before repairs the broken Scythe still has its silver edge. But, once again, I am not fixed on Marrak identity that much. He is definitely not what he says he is , but it is an interesting mystery to follow.

Hi, Dorotea.. nice review, including speculations.
I had not seen connection to the S8 Buffy’s dream,
but I think you're right.

Oh, you want to say that Spike, could be again Casper? No, you didn't mean this, right? :)
Or maybe you meant that "dust you are and to dust you shall return."
in each case, would be.. how to say.. interesting?

Of course, I'm kidding :)

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Yes, I meant this Buffy dream.

Yes. If I remember correctly, in this dream, Buffy spoke with Ethan Rayne

Who is going to be referenced in the latest A&F installment - and the circle connects by Spike going to London. I seriously wish they have just one title next season , with interconnected story lines. Because half of the story is now lost on the folks who do not read A&F and it is really weird to have a story with BtVS characters like Giles and Ethan - and no Buffy at all.

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