Buffy Season 9 , #20 review

Buffy S9 #20 review

Anger Management vs Big Picture Thinking.

Hello Season 8, we finally got to see you come back to haunt our heroes in honest. It is remarkable that, at least on the Buffyside of the verse, twas Xander of all people - the one Scoobie who welcomed the end of magic and felt he was entitled to walk away from the fight - who is now being caught in the post-Twilight web of consequences.Collapse )
AtF, Angel, After the Fall

Angel and Faith #19 - late review

When reviewing this issue let me first rave a little about how much I like gran Edna and how incredible the BBC Ripper series would have been if Joss and ASH ever managed to get through to making it. Now, let me fantasize about hearing 'Your brand of sarcasm is virtually identical to your sisters' - said in ASH younger voice and slowly melt into a water puddle...
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Game of Thrones Season 3 trailer.

Much as I am frustrated with GRRM delaying tactics on writing the final books - this is simply gorgeous. Different media, yet it is freakishly good translation. Still beating my head over the wall that he might never finish the books - and we will be graced with WoT finale of our own. (Yeah, Brian Sanderson is not a bad writer - but it is not quite the same in style.)
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