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Faith Lehane circa Season 9 - an Irredeemable-Mary-Sue of the verse.

I long suspected twas the case - but just for fun ran her through the online test here :

You have to take into account that for the appearance ( sorrowful eyes, beauty) etc. I had to use my personal take on the way Faith is drawn in the comics. Also, I had to use her personal history from the tv show to answer some of the questions.

Her Mary Sue Score turned out : *81* - and anything after 70 is considered a Über-Sue.

I know the test is not perfect - as they say on the page :
"Morpheus from the Sandman Comics scored nearly 70 points, and yet we don't believe he's a Mary-Sue. He's well developed, suffer the consequences of several major personality flaws, and has very few powers or talents besides those necessary to perform the duties of his station. "

My problem with Faith this season is that she 'no longer' suffers from these major personality flaws ( smoking , bad temper, bad fashion sense, aggressiveness, etc), but she retained all her perks as a Slayer, and earned quite a few new ones - while her 'problems' are virtually none-existent in the comic, and her official standing in the verse is basically that of a top-dog. She replaced Buffy as a leader of the Slayers, she gained all of the Giles' wealth and legacy, she single-handedly replaced the entire Fang Gang as Angel's 'support system' in his book. Heck, she actually bested all of them - by virtue of becoming his sole 'support pillar' and confidant (bye bye Cordy), best fighter ( bye bye Gunn), best friend ( bye bye Wesley), and family ( bye bye Connor).

My Plus checks in the Sue test are under the cut.

Is the character's name a noun or adjective not normally used as a name?
Does the character's name describe her/his personality? (e.g. Tristan means sad, Darcy means dark, Charity means charity, etc.)
Is the character's name just generally unusual in relation to the time or place where she/he lives or grew up?
Is the character highly attractive without having to work at it?
Does the character have eyes that somehow reflect hidden depths or experience or sorrow?
Is the character a fashion plate ?
Does the character dress in a manner you find particularly attractive, sexy, or cool?
Even though it's illogical for the character to dress this way (for monetary reasons, or because it interferes with her/his job)?

Is the character rich or well-to-do, although she/he doesn't work?

Is the character heir to a large fortune?
The sole heir?

Was the character ever estranged from her/his family/tribe/country/etc.?

Was the character ever forcibly banished from her/his family/tribe/country/etc.?

Is the character a minority, a woman, or a member of a lower caste, who succeeds or makes a contribution in spite of her/his social disadvantage?

Does the character have an angsty childhood, or an angsty past?
And does she/he angst about it during the story? (Angsting does not necessarily include simply relating events to an interested third party.)

Was the character abandoned by her/his caregivers?
Did the character run away from home?

Did the character ever suffer physical or emotional abuse?
Does the character feel guilty about something terrible that happened in the past?
Does the character ever freely, willingly, and knowingly worked for the villain/evil regime?
Is the character unusually accomplished for her/his age/species/etc.?
Has the character traveled extensively?
Does the character ever easily learn a difficult skill (e.g. learn to play guitar in a matter of weeks)? (Re: her leadership skills.)
Does the character "just know things"?
Is the character is a smoker?
Does the character have a significant personality flaw (e.g. she/he is a spoiled brat, is horribly judgmental or biased, is irrationally violent, is naive and easily manipulated, etc.)?
Does this flaw get the character in serious trouble (e.g. she/he gets fired, gets killed, gets someone else hurt, etc.)?

Does the character have any particular skill at which she/he the best or among the best?
And is she/he widely knows for this skill?

Is the character a female in a role not suited for women in the place/time period (e.g. a female cop before 1900, a female soldier in the US army before 1970, etc.)?

Is the character, or was she/he ever...
An assassin?
An outlaw or member of organized crime?
A hero?

Does the character possesses the following skills, with or without the aid of charms, spells, etc.):
The ability to shrug off minor wounds
The ability to kill people with her/his bare hands
Super strength or speed
Skill in martial arts or hand-to-hand combat

Does the character have a tattoo or body piercing?

Has everyone significant heard of the character?

Do all of the important characters end up liking/respecting/fearing her/him?

Is your character a member of The Resistance or a band of freedom fighters? (Well, Slayers sort of fit into this.)
Is your character the leader or a lieutenant of The Resistance or a band of freedom fighters?

Does your character ever willfully commits rape or murder?
Does the character go to prison for the crime?
Does the character reform a villainous character?
Has the character ever been nursed back to health from serious injuries ?
Have you ever written a fight scene in which you described with needless extravagance everything your character did? (In S9 - all the time)
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