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Real Regret Rather then Rascally Reptilian Remorse ?

All it took was one prominent excitable reviewer frowning upon the
chaining prospective love interest to the wall and making current girlfriend
role-play the potential target of affection, and - lo and behold - the fandom is drowning in crocodile tears.

Let me count all the recent entries and complains - about half a dozen?

Never mind that every second so-called 'meta', essay or other fandom contribution to the most prominent fandom news source is about the blondie-bear, never mind that trying to even mention that you don't like him, causes you being warned on every so-called 'major' fandom-related forum out there... Now the collective pretends to be a misunderstood and unloved 'minority'. Feels bizarre, really , when trying to get any news on the S9 comics - to get 33 and 1/2 various articles about the difficulties of shipping Spuffy instead...
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