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Willow Wonderland #5 - somewhat of a review

Willow vs Rack

This issue was somewhat disappointing character interaction-wise because honestly - Willow-Rack confrontation and all the exchanged taunts, threats, and provocations did not work that well for me. All in all Rack was a more interesting character when he was Marrack, the beast-man. At least back there and then he possessed a hint of a dark humor and rough ingenuity. Once he was unmasked, Rack snaps back to his sleazy one-dimensional S6 personality sans the sexual predator threat. I thought they overstretched the fight, and still somehow managed to make it uninteresting. I was expecting the dark powers of the nightmare birds to be utilized in some menacing way - but they just dropped that completely and instead went for straightforward taunt and distract - which made Willow look embarrassingly silly. The sequence with broken dolls would have made a lot of sense - if the cynical analysis was coming from Willow's Dark Side. Delivered by Rack it made little sense, because he had very little time to 'know' Willow and her mental landscape. But for what it's worth- at least the part where Rack gets surrounded and eaten by the 'antibodies' of the Embodiment of Magic - like some lousy bacteria or a dangerous parasite - was worth all the time wasted on his antics in this installment.

All his lessons were supposed to teach Willow to accept both sides of herself as equals, and draw a conclusion that it is the intent that matters not the color of magic, that she started abusing power all on her own, and that she is able to stop (abusing power) and control her Dark Side when she is able to forgive, and when she puts interests of others ahead of her own. All in all this was very idealistic and somewhat repetitive - see the related tropes.

Willow vs Embodiment of Magic

This issue also introduced us to Anthropomorphic Personification of Magic - a.k. a. Embodiment of Magic in the Universe -- or to put is simple yet another version of the Earth-Mother Goddess, Great Magic Tree, Great Sea Anemone , etcetra. Maybe the concept of an entity so huge that its body is a dimension in itself would have worked a little bit better, if Willow miniseries were not already overloaded with numerous versions of thereof. Although I rather likes the parallel between the Entity's body being the entire Universe with its heart being the source of magic - and Willow's heart becoming the source of her own inner magic, thus completing her transformation into something 'not quite human - not for a long while'. I assume that upon traveling back to Earth Willow does not 'quite' become the new Seed - but her heart now is the inner source of her magic, so that she does not have to bring it from the outside as normal witches do. So, yes, Willow becomes a magical being - not unlike a demon or the Embodiment itself - but on a smaller scale, perhaps suitable for eventually reanimating the magically dead world and being the focal point for the conduit that allows magic to trickle back by the time of Melaka Fray calling.

What was left out of the scope of this mini is , of course, the whole unexplored package of the new Willow mythology . Is her newly found supply of magic power limitless - or is she truly going to run out in 200 years ? What about Syphon - can Severin attempt to drain Willow, or is her heart pretty much the source that only she can share ? How powerful is this new Willow exactly as a witch ? Would she be able to fly ? to heal Dawn ? to restore Angel to sanity? to communicate with Aluwyn ? What will happen with the Scythe? When are we going to finally see the six-handed demon monkey? I guess we better stay tuned.
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