Angel and Faith #16 Review and Speculations

I was considerately busy all last week at work and so I am late to the A&F #16 party and all the associated excitement. I saw enough decent overviews/outlines etc. posted online, so I won’t bother much with that. For once, I am also not much interested in the meta-context or tropes involved – because the issue was not much of an exposition, but rather action packed ‘mystery’ thriller installment. So instead of my usual character by character interaction list I want to jump straight to speculations on the mystery/ies presented – basing my assumptions on the already seen previews and blurbs.

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Angel and Faith #15, Season 9, Review

A&F 15, my final review.

Strangely enough because I spent so much time first anticipating this issue then discussing its preview, and finally discussing it online, when it came to actually writing something about it I almost ran out of steam. And not because I have nothing to say , but because I am now cautious of getting over my head with this review.Collapse )