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BtVS Season 9 #13, Review

Buffy S9 issue 13 review

It took me a while to get my thoughts together on this issue, and to realize that it probably should not be discussed outside of its arc. True, as a standalone Guarded Part III does not sparkle, but it is a decent conclusion to an arc that has, IMHO, multiple purpose: Collapse )

Angel and Faith #13, Season 9, Review

Angel and Faith #13 review

I feel like my latest modus operandi in writing these reviews a bit late and splitting it on character related parts is working better than trying to do a full-scale narration, so I will stick to it for now.

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Spike miniseries #1 - review.

I decided I will read and review Spike miniseries #1 when I first saw the preview pages - and that was eons ago. The preview panels were amusing enough and the art looked adequate to the purpose of telling Spike's latest story, so my interest was piqued enough to grant a trip to the comic shop on the day of release. Unfortunately it also turned out that the preview pages were more interesting as standalone teaser, than when they became an introduction to the entire first chapter of the story - because quite frankly the opening issue of the miniseries did not live to its expectations.Collapse )

Real Regret Rather then Rascally Reptilian Remorse ?

All it took was one prominent excitable reviewer frowning upon the
chaining prospective love interest to the wall and making current girlfriend
role-play the potential target of affection, and - lo and behold - the fandom is drowning in crocodile tears.

Let me count all the recent entries and complains - about half a dozen?

Never mind that every second so-called 'meta', essay or other fandom contribution to the most prominent fandom news source is about the blondie-bear, never mind that trying to even mention that you don't like him, causes you being warned on every so-called 'major' fandom-related forum out there... Now the collective pretends to be a misunderstood and unloved 'minority'. Feels bizarre, really , when trying to get any news on the S9 comics - to get 33 and 1/2 various articles about the difficulties of shipping Spuffy instead...

Faith Lehane circa Season 9 - an Irredeemable-Mary-Sue of the verse.

I long suspected twas the case - but just for fun ran her through the online test here :


You have to take into account that for the appearance ( sorrowful eyes, beauty) etc. I had to use my personal take on the way Faith is drawn in the comics. Also, I had to use her personal history from the tv show to answer some of the questions.

Her Mary Sue Score turned out : *81* - and anything after 70 is considered a Über-Sue.

I know the test is not perfect - as they say on the page :
"Morpheus from the Sandman Comics scored nearly 70 points, and yet we don't believe he's a Mary-Sue. He's well developed, suffer the consequences of several major personality flaws, and has very few powers or talents besides those necessary to perform the duties of his station. "

My problem with Faith this season is that she 'no longer' suffers from these major personality flaws ( smoking , bad temper, bad fashion sense, aggressiveness, etc), but she retained all her perks as a Slayer, and earned quite a few new ones - while her 'problems' are virtually none-existent in the comic, and her official standing in the verse is basically that of a top-dog. She replaced Buffy as a leader of the Slayers, she gained all of the Giles' wealth and legacy, she single-handedly replaced the entire Fang Gang as Angel's 'support system' in his book. Heck, she actually bested all of them - by virtue of becoming his sole 'support pillar' and confidant (bye bye Cordy), best fighter ( bye bye Gunn), best friend ( bye bye Wesley), and family ( bye bye Connor).

My Plus checks in the Sue test are under the cut.

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