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AtF, Angel, After the Fall

Angel and Faith #19 - late review

When reviewing this issue let me first rave a little about how much I like gran Edna and how incredible the BBC Ripper series would have been if Joss and ASH ever managed to get through to making it. Now, let me fantasize about hearing 'Your brand of sarcasm is virtually identical to your sisters' - said in ASH younger voice and slowly melt into a water puddle...
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Angel and Faith #16 Review and Speculations

I was considerately busy all last week at work and so I am late to the A&F #16 party and all the associated excitement. I saw enough decent overviews/outlines etc. posted online, so I won’t bother much with that. For once, I am also not much interested in the meta-context or tropes involved – because the issue was not much of an exposition, but rather action packed ‘mystery’ thriller installment. So instead of my usual character by character interaction list I want to jump straight to speculations on the mystery/ies presented – basing my assumptions on the already seen previews and blurbs.

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BtVS Season 9 #13, Review

Buffy S9 issue 13 review

It took me a while to get my thoughts together on this issue, and to realize that it probably should not be discussed outside of its arc. True, as a standalone Guarded Part III does not sparkle, but it is a decent conclusion to an arc that has, IMHO, multiple purpose: Collapse )

Angel and Faith #13, Season 9, Review

Angel and Faith #13 review

I feel like my latest modus operandi in writing these reviews a bit late and splitting it on character related parts is working better than trying to do a full-scale narration, so I will stick to it for now.

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