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Issue 37 review - O'REALLY

For those who expected me to fully hate the issue. Well, I don't. True, it brought me from the avidly and greedily anticipating every next issue of S8 to the point of lackluster 'maybe I should just wait and get the TPBs when it is out or just read somebody else's review' - but mostly I am just puzzled and annoyed.
Mainly my beef with the comic now is that... well, there is no beef. It is all veggie burgher from Double Meat Palace instead. Indeed, after a brief intro into the history of the Seed, Buffy goes nymphomaniac for a few panels fantasizing how swell would it be if Spike had his way with her here and now - right after telling him how good she had it with Angel, which actually makes her miss the most important parts of Spike's 'exposition'. And that was the promised 'meat' ? Maybe they meant entirely different kind of 'meat' , but that part made her look not only silly and out of control, but also a bit wanton. Seriously. Buffy tells Angel she needs to get Spike's part of the puzzle - and then just when it gets to the important part - immediately forgets about it and goes into a drool mode? Yes, I got that that was modeled after her dream of having it with Riley on the desk during the lecture on psychology - but the moment when the world is hanging on the balance (because of her having already had sex with a different guy a few hours ago) is a bit more intense. Maybe it is all the power that is surging through her talking? Or, she is really in the mode that cannot be 'turned off' at will?

She did come on onto Xander not a fortnight ago, then there was that space sex with Angel and now this... I fear our comic Buffy is going the way of Anita Blake - but I hope to turn out wrong in the end. Other than gratuitous drooling on her part there were no real reconciliation or serious talk between her and Spike though - and that bothered me as much as Spike's continuous bland, poker face reactions to everything.
It also bothers me that except Xander no one seems to worry about how exactly Spike's information was obtained . For the guy who used to 'have a good plan but then get bored' Spike sure changed to a vigorous research type who boasts his profound higher education over Buffy ( and Angel's) lack of thereof. There is this complete lack of connection on the level of old friends between Buffy and Spike - other than Buffy sexual fantasies about 'dark places '- and this is what I dislike the most. It feels like Season 7 friendship between these two never happened.

In the mean time, we have entire pile of important plot debris swept under the carpet and forgotten - issues like 'former vampire' on the blurb that never got corrected, Andrew's mysterious phone calls and comments like 'it ruins everything for me' forgotten, and finally the mysterious 'prophecy keeper' thing relegated to S9 - as was stated by Georges Jeanty in his Q/A session.

Yes, Master is resurrected somehow - and this part is ignored profoundly, same as how come he is the 'Protector', and did Buffy just missed that little part while thinking sexy thoughts?

But back to our 'mythology and epic-ness' part. Somebody already pointed out that the winged lion creature in the ending panels that claimed Angel is its 'father' actually looks like his tattoo - the St' Mark's winged lion ( usually called gryphon by the fandom). I suppose this must be important. Same as the fact that the only prophecy I know of that 'messes with the math' is that of the Anointed One, who would 'bring the Slayer into Hell'. It is important to point out that Master thought it was going to be Angel ( Twilight), who would come with Buffy. It turned out to be Spike.
Who is a 'soulless shell'? The new Universe aka the Winged Lion aka Angel's tattoo creature ? Why - does the new Universe even need a soul? (Something tells me the winged thing is going to swallow that Seed in the end like it swallowed Buffy in her dream.) How can something not even born - and soulless to boot - talk via all the living things and then grant the two of its Chosen Ones so much power? How can it bring the outer space demons to destroy the world it supposedly restored from ruins once? If that was all lies - and Angel was duped into destroying the world thinking that he is saving it - then what happened to the PtBs - was Whistler really talking on their behalf - or is he/ was he in league with the implied evil Winged Lion - new universe creature? At this point the plot gets so convoluted - it does not make much sense anymore. If anything, it resembles the Angel S4 the most - with Whistler playing the part of Skip, and Buffy - Angel playing the Cordelia - Connor part. Except they birthed the Winged Wonder - that appears much more powerful than Jasmine. I already mentioned that Buffy- Cordelia parallel was very obvious after issue 35. So, where is the promised meat in this sandwich ? Instead of it we are getting soybean protein of Saga Vasuki ( who by the way 'always lie' ) telling Willow something that can be a lie - or not - but implies that Willow already knows who the betrayer is going to be . How come Willow have forgotten that Saga always lie?
There are too many questions, and I have a suspicion that majority of them will never be answered - or once again relegated into S9 - and that after promise of no cliffhangers... Yes, I got it that Angel is going to end badly this season- but when did he not end the season in Hell, on the bottom of the ocean or otherwise ' happily' engaged? Usually, it at the least made sense. After 36 I had a hope the sense will appear by the end of the season - 37 killed this illusion once and forever. What is really bad about this issue 37 though, is that I cannot even get angry or otherwise excited about it - just exasperated. And who is on that blackened out cover of 39 aka the traitor? Totally irrelevant IMHO. Can be anybody - and it would not make a fig of a difference to me at this point. And I cannot even feel sorry for 'this' Buffy - because lack of self control in a leader ought to be punished.